Is Romesh Ranganathan returning to The Weakest Link?

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16 Jun 2022, 11:43

Romesh Ranganathan

Credit: BBC

One of telly’s biggest game shows is heading back to screens soon - but who will be at the helm?

Romesh Ranganathan took over from former The Weakest Link host Anne Robinson back in 2021, and the BBC have now confirmed the comedian won’t be doing the walk of shame away from the podium anytime soon.

The TV star will be returning for a brand new series of the beloved show, which will see another all-star line-up of celebrity contestants try to win £50,000 for charity. The final two will then go head-to-head to determine the winner.

In a statement announcing the news, Romesh said: “I’m delighted to be doing another series, partly because it’s a fun show and the response has been amazing, but mainly to avoid ‘Turns out Romesh was The Weakest Link’ headlines.”

Kate Phillips, Director of Unscripted at the BBC added: “Led once again by our Ringmaster Romesh, viewers can expect plenty more laughs and almost certainly loads of back stabbing too as the nation’s favourite quick fire quiz returns, I can’t wait!”

The celebrity contestants have yet to be confirmed, but the series will be filmed in Glasgow, and set to return later this year. 

Meanwhile, Romesh has been busy with his brand new show Avoidance, which was inspired by his own character flaw. 

He joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky earlier this month to chat about the comedy, and explained: “I play a guy called Jonathan, who is this conflict-avoidant guy who is so frustrating to live with that his partner leaves him, or asks him to leave, at the beginning of the series. 

“He has to face up to his ongoing issues, that he hasn’t done up to that point, for the sake of his son. He ends up living with his sister and her wife and they help him... I say help him, they make clear to him what his issues might be.”

He added: “It’s a comedy! It doesn’t sound very funny, the way I described it. It is a comedy! That’s really dark, the way I just described it. I should finish up by saying, 'And then hilarity ensues, guys!'"

The Weakest Link is set to return later this year.