The Chase player sets a new record after landing biggest-ever solo jackpot

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1 Sep 2022, 14:55

(L-R) Contestant Dan on The Chase (31st August), host Bradley Walsh

Credit: Rex / ITV

It’s been a record-breaking week on The Chase. 

The ITV quiz show has just seen the biggest ever jackpot awarded to a solo player, after contestant Dan managed to secure £80,000 on Wednesday (31st August).

Dan was playing alongside teammates Annabelle, Toby and Sarah, while playing against Chaser Jenny Ryan, otherwise known as The Vixen. 

As usual, Jenny was leading the charge, having taken out all three of Dan’s team, which left the soon-to-be winner out on his own.

He soon secured a £5,000 cash builder, and rushed head-first into the challenge, offering Jenny a staggering £80,000.

In the head-to-head, Dan powered straight ahead with 17 places ahead of Vixen in the final chase. For a moment, it looked like Vixen would once again come out victorious, but got a question wrong in the last seconds of the game. 

Dan then carried on, and ended up landing the incredible £80,000 jackpot win - the largest in the show’s history. 

After his success, Dan told host Bradley Walsh: “I think I’ll be spending a little bit longer in New Zealand than initially planned.”

Not taking the loss to heart, Jenny dubbed Dan a “sensational player” who “deserves every penny” of the amazing jackpot. 

The solo win record was previously held by contestant Eden, who landed £75,000, with a team of four bagging the best prize in Chase history with £100,000.

The Chase airs daily on ITV.