Without Sin: Vicky McClure’s new thriller gets a release date

Virgin Radio

8 Nov 2022, 14:26

Vicky McClure

Credit: Rex/ITV

Line of Duty’s Vicky McClure has a new drama in the works and a release has officially been confirmed by ITVX, ITV’s free upcoming streaming platform.

Without Sin is a four-part psychological thriller, also starring Johnny Harris, and is set to drop on the new streaming service on 28th December. ITVX will be launching on 8th December and will be streaming lots of other original content along with this new series.

The show, created by Frances Poletti, follows a grieving mother called Stella Tomlinson (McClure), three years after her teenage daughter was murdered. Stella has become estranged from her husband Paul, who still lives in their family home and she mostly works overnight shifts as an Uber driver.

One day, however, she is contacted by the department of Restorative Justice and she reunites with Paul to listen to a recording from Charles (Harris), their daughter’s killer, who they think wants to apologise.

Vicky McClure and Kelly MacDonald in Line of Duty

Credit: ITV

Stella decides she wants to hear him out and agrees to visit the prison along with the Restorative Justice Mediator, but it seems she isn’t completely ready to hear what he has to stay.

The series has been filmed in Nottingham and Shrewsbury, McClure’s hometown- which she has described as “a dream come true”.

She added in an interview with Digital Spy last year: "I am also thrilled to be working once again with my good friend, and one of the UK's finest actors, Johnny Harris, along with members of Nottingham's The Television Workshop."

Vicky is probably best known for playing DC Kate Fleming in the hit series Line of Duty, but more recently, she has been doing a lot of work with her Our Dementia Choir show.

The actor was inspired to form the choir after caring for her grandmother and exclusively told virginradio.co.uk that she hoped it encouraged people to do their bit.

She said: “I think people will go away and go, ‘Oh, maybe I can serve in a choir in my area,’ or, ‘My neighbour, I should probably check in on them,’ and not be so afraid of it.”

Vicky added: “I'm inspired by the dementia choir, I'm inspired by just generally people that do stuff. I'm inspired by action. You know, we all say lots of things nowadays. But when you actually see people doing stuff, I think that does inspire you to go actually, ‘I should be doing more.’”

Our Dementia Choir is currently available to stream on ITV Hub.

Without Sin will premiere on 28th December on ITVX.