Quentin Tarantino reveals which film is 'his best movie' ever

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17 Nov 2022, 11:43

Quentin Tarantino

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Infamous director Quentin Tarantino has admitted there is one film in his back catalogue that he’s the most proud of.

The movie-maker is behind some of the biggest Hollywood films of all time, including Pulp Fiction, the Kill Bill franchise and Django Unchained. 

With such an incredible resume of movies and a trophy cabinet full of accolades, including two Oscars, two BAFTAs and the prestigious Palme d’Or prize, you’d imagine it would be hard to pick what your absolute best film is, but after years of being quizzed about it, Quentin has finally come up with an answer. 

While chatting to Variety, the cinematic mastermind was asked about his extensive filmography, and the one flick that stands out the most. 

Quentin explained: “For years people used to ask me stuff like that.

“And I would say something like, ‘Oh, they’re all my children.’ I really do think Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is my best movie.”

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, starring Leondrdo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, became a stone cold hit right out of the gate, earning $347 million (£292m) in the worldwide box office. 

It picked up a staggering 10 Oscar nominations in 2020, including Best Picture and Best Director. Pitt won for Best Supporting Actor. 

OUATIH is set in 1969’s Hollywood, with DiCaprio’s character, Rick Dalton, desperate to crack into the big movie biz following a career in TV. 

It’s no wonder then that Quentin, who often described the film as a love letter to LA, deems his 2019 hit as his favourite, given his recent comments about the 1950s, 1980s and present day being the “worst eras in Hollywood history. 

He told The Video Archives Podcast (via NME):  “Even though the ‘80s was the time that I probably saw more movies in my life than ever – at least as far as going out to the movies was concerned – I do feel that ‘80s cinema is, along with the ‘50s, the worst era in Hollywood history.

“Matched only by now, matched only by the current era!”

Given those comments, it’s not a surprise to hear that Quentin recently admitted he would “never make a Marvel movie.