Romesh Ranganathan and Katherine Ryan couple up for new comedy drama Romantic Getaway

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17 Nov 2022, 14:03

Katherine Ryan and Romesh Ranganathan in Romantic Getaway

Credit: Sky

Comedians Romesh Ranganathan and Katherine Ryan will play a loved-up couple on the run in their upcoming Sky comedy, Romantic Getaway. 

The six-part series will see the hilarious duo take on a modern day Bonnie and Clyde story, in which Alison (Katherine) and Deacon (Romesh) go to extreme lengths to start a family. 

After rounds of IVF attempts, the couple can no longer afford to keep paying for treatments, and with mounting debt pressures, the cracks start to show in their relationship. 

Deciding they’ve had enough of waiting for a miracle, Alison and Deacon decide to defraud their dodgy boss Alfie, played by Johnny Vegas, of £500,000. 

The series begins right as the couple try to figure out their next move following the outrageous stunt, unaware that they will soon have to figure out how to use the money without being found out. 

There’s not too long to wait until we get to see Romesh and Katherine in action either, as Romantic Getaway will land on Sky Comedy and NOW on 1st January 2023. 

The idea of becoming a criminal on the run is vastly different from the last role Romesh played on the small screen in Avoidance

The Weakest Link star played Jonathan, who suffers from crippling conflict–avoidance, even in the face of his partner, Claire (Jessica Knappet), when she's literally in the middle of leaving him. 

Following their break-up, Jonathan decides to change his ways for the sake of his son, Spencer (Kieran Logendra).

While chatting to and other press, Romesh revealed how close to his real-life experiences the series really is, and how his children also shaped how the show progressed. 

He explained: “A lot of the stuff that happened with Spencer is based on stuff that is sort of an amalgamation of experiences I've had with our three sons. When we sat in the writers room, and we all talked about parenting stories that we had, one of the things that I think was interesting or struck us as interesting is this, and it comes from my real life experience as a parent, is that I want my children to be individual, but I'm also terrified that anybody will think they're too individual.” 

It’s not just his kids that get the small-screen treatment, but Romesh’s own conflict avoidance became the basis of the show. 

He added: “I have an ongoing fear of not wanting my children to turn out like me. And I think that an interesting thing to explore with Jonathan was when you see your kid or worry about your kid, exhibiting the same sort of things that have caused you problems in the past.”

Romantic Getaway will be available on Sky Comedy and NOW, 1st January 2023