The son of Gladiators' Wolf has applied to be on the reboot of the show

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23 Dec 2022, 14:03

Credit: The Sun and Simon Runting

Fans are excited for the return of 90s hit show Gladiators.

One of the fan-favourites was Wolf, and he says he would love to make a return to the show.

The athlete has confirmed his son Dean has also sent in an application to appear on the show.

Gladiators first appeared on our screens in 1992 and ran for eight years until 2000.

Fans were heartbroken when the series ended.

The announcement that the show is returning has made many people very happy.

Wolf's name is Michael Van Wijk, and he is now 70-years-old.

The star of Gladiators appeared on Good Morning Britain alongside his son Dean, who goes by the stage name of the Wolf Cub.

The pair revealed that Dean had applied for the show said: ‘I’d be ready to do it tomorrow!’

However he confirmed: ‘We haven’t heard anything back from them,’ Wolf pointed out, adding: ‘Fingers crossed.’

Wolf also said he would love to be an athlete or presenter on the show.

"I could do all the games comfortably" he insisted, saying he had "a commitment to a certain level of fitness."

He told the hosts: "But I’d also like to be like you guys – be a co-presenter."

He added: "I am fit enough to do it, fitness isn’t the problem, but I don’t think they would take me on at 70."

Filming will begin at the Utilita Arena Sheffield in 2023.

More than 14 million viewers used to watch the show weekly.