Finding Michael: Spencer Matthews says he 'wanted to bring brother's body home for mum' 23 years after his death

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27 Feb 2023, 13:26

Finding Michael: Spencer Matthews says he 'wanted to bring brother's body home for mum'

Credit: Disney+

Prepare for tear-jerking scenes as Spencer Matthews opens up about his late brother's final steps on Mount Everest in a new documentary set to premiere on Disney+ on March 3.

The emotional journey sees the former Made In Chelsea star enlist the help of survivalist Bear Grylls and expert mountaineer Nirmal 'Nims' Purja as they retrace his older sibling's steps after disappearing 23 years ago.

Interviewed by The Sunday Times, he said: "I'm not the most emotional person but the nearer we got to the mountain, the more potent my feelings became. It's the closest I've felt to Mike since his death."

On why he wanted to carry out the painful process, he said: "He's frozen in time. I'm his big brother now. I was unable to stop thinking about it. I wanted to bring him home for my mum."

The publication shared: "When I ask what it felt like to be dealing with this so far from home, he describes the unnerving experience of spending day after day wondering if he might be about to come face to face with Michael’s frozen corpse. 'I spent a lot of time waiting apprehensively and I struggled with that. I like being in control. There, I felt helpless. I called my kids two or three times a day just to hear their voices. Alone with my thoughts, it made me incredibly thankful for the life I have'.”

He continued in a separate post: "This unique film, two years in the making, is an emotional story about tragic loss and brotherly love.

"It has been a difficult journey to document, both physically and emotionally but I’m hoping that it will give my brave brother the legacy that he deserves.

Spencer Matthews with his older brothers (top left, Michael)

Credit: Instagram

"Michael was just 22 when he lost his life on Everest in 1999. He was the youngest Brit at that time to reach the summit.

"All these years later, we retraced his steps to attempt one of the highest body recoveries in history."

Spencer added: "I found the idea unbearable of him being out there on the mountain, alone, with people walking past him en route to the summit."

Michael is said to have got in trouble during his descent through the 'death zone' and is the 162nd person to die on Everest. His body has never been recovered.

Describing the trek, Spencer said: "You don't have to be Superman to do it. You come across this town [Namche Bazaar] in the sky. It's amazing. It's above the clouds. It reminded me of Asgard.

Spencer Matthews

Credit: Instagram

"Part of the film is that we retrace the exact steps that Mike and his friends took. We stay in the same places and do the same path as he did. It'll be a really powerful and amazing film."

Finding Michael is set to premiere on Disney+ on March 3.

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