White Lies on rock legend Bryan Ferry: 'There's a Wizard of Oz vibe about him!'

Virgin Radio

4 Oct 2016, 09:17

White Lies are back with their first album in three years, and they joined Kate Lawler to celebrate the fact.

Vocalist Harry McVeigh and bass guitarist Charles Cave were on hand to talk Kate though the creative process and explain the reason they took such a lengthy sabbatical.

Harry admitted: “When we finished touring last album Big TV it kind of felt like we’d be on for eight years without a break, so it was nice to have a bit of time for ourselves. And do boring stuff, like cooking for my wife, washing up and hoovering. I became a domestic God!”

The new album was produced in Bryan Ferry’s studio, and the band admitted they would love to work with the former Roxy Music frontman.

“He’s a very lovely man but there’s a bit of a vibe about him,” they added. “He’s not the kind of guy you just roll up to and go ‘fancy singing on this track we’re working on’? He’s a bit of an enigma, but he’s an amazing singer.

“What would be amazing is if we could ask him to record one of the songs we recorded in his studio. I’m sure he could find one he likes enough!”

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