This Is Going To Hurt viewers praise ‘funny and heartbreakingly accurate’ NHS drama

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9 Feb 2022, 09:49

Credit: BBC

Credit: BBC

Viewers are going mad for new hospital drama This Is Going To Hurt, starring James Bond actor Ben Whishaw. 

The series started on BBC One on Tuesday (8th February) but all seven episodes are available to binge watch on BBC iPlayer, an option many fans took to once they started the show. 

This Is Going To Hurt is based on the bestselling memoir by comedian and former doctor Adam Kay, in which he details life on the frontlines of an NHS hospital, and the toll it takes on young healthcare workers. 

Fans couldn’t get enough of the new medical series, and took to social media to share their praise for the show, leading actor Ben, and the portrayal of life within the NHS.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: “Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at #ThisIsGoingToHurt on @BBC - it’s laugh out loud funny but heartbreakingly accurate in its portrayal of the crazy world of our amazing NHS. Genius.”

Another commented: “Can’t recommend watching this is going to hurt on BBC1 enough. For anybody who is non-healthcare this is exactly what it’s like through and through. Massively funny and heartbreaking at the same time.”

A third noted: “Well #ThisIsGoingToHurt is just excellent isn't it. Ben Whishaw is perfect casting.” while a fourth said: “Settled down to watch #ThisIsGoingToHurt last night. beautifully depicts the people working in the NHS - the good and the ugly. A brilliant piece of TV.”

Adam Kay himself has been receiving much of the praise online for his honest take on life within the NHS, and tweeted out his thanks to fans. He said: “I have 6,000 too many messages on here to reply to everyone about #thisisgoingtohurt but thank you with all my heart. 

“The next morning, I’m left full of gratitude for two great institutions under threat - whether pernicious or overt - the NHS and the BBC. Long may they thrive.”

Adam recently joined The Graham Norton Radio Show, and while giving the lowdown to Graham about the popular series, Adam admitted he was a bit worried at first about filming some true elements of his life. 

He explained: "The biggest problem that I had was if I made it too accurate to my real life I would be sent to prison for breaking medical confidentially and I'd be excommunicated from all of my friends and all my family, so it was a big exercise in fictionalising quite a bit of it."

He laughed: "I made the decision to make my character quite horrid but extremely handsome.