Eddy's Good News: The cleaning travelling woman and homeless man saves damsel in distress!

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8 Nov 2022, 10:18

Credit: EGN- Auri Kateriina/Youtube

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Tuesday 8th November 2022

Inspiring news from Finland and increasingly all over the world as we meet a woman who loves cleaning so much, she travels the world and cleans the homes of those with the messiest homes or the most need.

Say hello to Auri Katariina, who decided to follow her passion for scrubbing post-Covid: 

“My dream is to clean for free all over the world, and help people whilst doing something I absolutely love,” said the 29-year-old flying Finn, who started sharing her stories and cleaning tips, and has gone seriously viral, with millions of followers.

“One day, a woman asked me for help because she was struggling so much and her home was so messy. She had three kids and her husband had just taken his own life”. Auri made her home spotless and didn’t charge anything, she never does and she says she never will. Luckily the selfless scrubber now has her expenses paid by a cleaning company who sponsor her. Follow the link here for her fantastic cleaning and money saving tips :)

Via: Instagram

Credit: Reddit

Heart warming news from the USA as damsel in distress, with a flat tyre, was rescued by a homeless man!

Say hello to a reddit user from Chicago, whose post about the homeless man who selflessly changed her tyre has gone viral. On her way out to dinner and wearing a skirt and heels, she became stranded and might have had to wait hours for her recovery service to come were it not for a homeless man who came to her rescue:

“He was really sweet. Called me “a lady” and even opened my car door for me.

He was very much a gentleman”

“He really saved me, I’m no mechanic!” she added, “I only had $60 but I gladly gave it to him”. It turned out her dinner was really important and she would have missed it had his man not ben so kind. Her post started an avalanche of stories of how homeless people had been kind to strangers and not expected anything in return :)

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org