Vanessa Feltz urges nation to get flu vaccine after daughter in hospital on drip

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21 Nov 2022, 18:00

Vanessa Feltz 

Credit: Rex

TV presenter Vanessa Feltz has shared the news that her daughter has been on a drip in hospital since last week after contracting a 'particularly horrible and virulent' case of influenza — even though she's had the vaccine.

The broadcaster recorded a video from the hospital and pleaded with followers to have their flu vaccine after her daughter fell ‘terribly unwell’ last Thursday and is still being treated.

Vanessa wrote on her Instagram page: "Speaking from my daughter’s hospital bed. She has been on a drip since Thursday. She has ‘flu’. She has been vaccinated. The consultant said if she hadn’t things would be even worse. She says to ask you please get your ‘flu’ vaccine."

The TV presenter shared a further video and explained: "It turns out that what she’s got is pure and simply flu.

"It’s influenza, it’s the flu bug that all the doctors probably warned us was coming this winter and she’s got a particularly virulent horrible, horrible case of it and guess what? She has been vaccinated!

"What all the specialists have said to us is that if she hadn’t been, she would be even worse, and believe me even worse honestly doesn’t bear thinking about so she asked me to do this, she asked me to say to you please, please, please get your flu vaccine because she wouldn’t want what she’s going through to happen to anyone else and neither would I – lots of love."

TV friends including Ruth Langsford wrote: "Sending her wishes for a speedy recovery, Vanessa, and lots of love to you and all the family."

Zoe Ball added: "Sending your girl so much love V. hold tight darling."

"Carol Vorderman commented: "Oh V. I hope she gets better fast. Sending you all love."

Claire Sweeney wrote: "Darling sending you love."