Airbnb is letting one person live rent-free in Italy for up to two years

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25 Jan 2022, 12:07

Credit: Claudia Zalla / Airbnb

<a href="Claudia Zalla / Airbnb">Credit: Airbnb</a>

You could land yourself a newly restored Italian townhouse while making money as an Airbnb host.

We all deserve a good holiday after the past couple of years we’ve had, and somewhere like Italy would be the perfect escape, with gorgeous sunshine, great food and even better wine.

If that sounds like a bit of you, look no further because Airbnb is inviting someone to move into one of their properties in the Sicilian village of Sambuca for up to two years.

The only requirement is the participant must host a private room in the property on the holiday rental website.

The beautifully restored townhouse is known as a ‘1 Euro house’ as it was previously owned by Sambuca’s municipality and could have been sold for as little as 1 Euro.

It’s a three-story building with the ground floor comprising of a small living room, master bedroom with a king-size bed and en-suite bathroom.

The first floor has another living room, kitchen, working space, bathroom and mezzanine bedroom with a king-size bed. The upper floor has more living space and a queen-size sofa bed.

Credit: Claudia Zalla / Airbnb

<strong>Credit: Claudia Zalla / Airbnb</strong>

You are free to choose the bedroom you want on arrival, and the second bedroom must be listed on the site.

With the future of office working looking more flexible, it is a perfect opportunity for those who can do their job from home.

Airbnb has said the participant may continue working remotely and earning money from being a host as long as their employer permits it and it remains in line with their home country’s laws.

The company will also cover the cost of flights from the chosen person’s nearest airport to Sambuca, as well as the airport transfer, Italian lessons for one month and four cooking lessons with a local mentor.

What more could you want?

Credit: Claudia Zalla / Airbnb

<strong>Credit: Claudia Zalla / Airbnb</strong>

The chosen participant will be responsible for any costs associated with using and maintaining the house, such as water and electricity, and for any taxes imposed for hosting.

No need to do it alone, however, as the winner can bring a friend, partner or even their family!

When at the property, the participant will have to follow Airbnb’s Covid-19 safety practices, which involve wearing a mask when guests are there, practicing social distancing and completing the five-step enhanced cleaning process.

Credit: Claudia Zalla / Airbnb

<strong>Credit: Claudia Zalla / Airbnb</strong>

The town of Sambuca is located around 80km south of Palermo and is a small rural village with 6,000 residents.

There are a lot of North African influences on the culture and styles of architecture in the village, and the candidate must show commitment not only to hosting but to contributing to village life.

The winner must also be able to arrive in Sambuca on 30 June and stay for a minimum of 3 months- this may then be extended up to 2024.

<strong>Credit: Claudia Zalla / Airbnb</strong>

Candidates should also check with their local Covid-19 restrictions on travelling to Italy before they move.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, you better get in there quick and fill out Airbnb’s form.

Buona Fortuna!