Watch: Helen Mirren performs dramatic reading of Madness' lyrics for new song C’est La Vie

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27 Sep 2023, 14:40

Madness tease new song C’est La Vie with dramatic reading by Helen Mirren

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Who better to read lyrics to your song than Dame Helen Mirren? The Oscar-winning actress has teamed up with Madness on their new track C’est La Vie to give a dramatic reading.

In the video, the Shazam! star can be seen interpreting the lyrics in front of the camera and putting her own stamp on the new song.

The 80s icons told fans: “C’est La Vie has long been the prime suspect to be our first single in 7 years. It seemed only right to ask royalty to proof read the lyrics for us, without even hearing the track…

Helen Mirren and Madness

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"You (and Dame Helen), will be able to hear the actual song on Thursday, but before that, this afternoon in fact, you’ll be able pre-order our new album!"

The lyrics read: “Life begins at five to eight / No time to waste it will not wait. A lay-in that was yesterday / Up and at ’em into the fray.”

French-spoken lyrics can be heard in the chorus: “I am not doing it, that's life / I am not doing it, that's life."

Madness announced their UK C’est La Vie arena tour back in April and confirmed their special guests will be The Lightning Seeds.

Suggs told fans earlier in the year: “Please allow us to introduce ourselves… We’re back in the studio recording the new album… This one sounds about finished?!?"

Most recent albums include 2016's Can’t Touch Us Now, followed by The Get Up! in 2022.

Fans commented: "Can't wait to hear it with music."

A second added: "I can't wait! Madness Forever!"

A third agreed: "Madness forever."

"Wonderful and beautiful. Very beautiful," wrote a fourth.

"Please get her to read the opening to One Step Beyond next," requested a fan.

"Dame Helen is stupendous. In everything from Fast & Furious to her totally awesome acting skills in Thriller - A coffin for the Bride (where I first saw her)!!", another fan praised.

C’est La Vie by Madness comes out on Thursday, September 28.