Liam Gallagher reaches out to Noel on Twitter: '2021 is our year'

Virgin Radio

5 Jan 2021, 15:11

Could it be the news Oasis fans have been hoping for? 

A Christmas and New Year miracle happened on Twitter, after Liam Gallagher sent a tweet to brother Noel.

The pair have been feuding on and off for years, but Liam has extended a digital olive branch: "HNY Noel love you long time 2021 is our year c’mon you know LG x".

As yet, Noel hasn't replied but fans have been replying in their thousands, with hundreds of thousands 'liking' the tweet.

One said:  "I hope it happens this year, Liam. Just a nice drink together would be grand."

Another writes "At this point I think Noel and Liam restoring their family is far better than Oasis getting back together. Like don’t get me wrong it’d be great but I think them to reconciling would be far better."

A third added: "I'd love nowt more for you two to get back on speaking terms first then think about a reunion. I'd f***ing love to be there though if you do get back together though."

Fans tweeted Liam asking if he's heard from his brother, to which he said: "I think he’s sunning himself in St Barts with his mates".

Another fan asked if he'd heard Noel's new song, to which he replied: "I have it sounds like TRAVIS"

That good mood lasted long, didn't it. 

As yet Noel hasn't replied publicly to Liam's touching message, but maybe it could be just what we need for 2021.